Can an engaged Learning Culture
bring value to your organization?

Organizations that build an Engaged Learning Culture are:


  • Greater ability to deliver quality
  • More likely to be first to market
  • Better employee productivity
  • More likely to have skills to meet future demand
  • More likely to innovate compared to peers

Hi-Impact Learning Culture (HILO): The 40 Best Practices for Creating an Empowered Enterprise
June 10, 2010

How can you create a Learning Culture, Grow your Business, and Impact your Bottom Line?

Align your People Goals with Corporate Goals.

Assemble a customized learning plan based on the job profiles and competencies of your employees. Source Atlantic’s Learning Management System identifies the competencies and skills requires for each employee. The competency-based approach ensures that your employee will learn what he needs to know and do to help you grow your bottom line. They Succeed. You Succeed!

  1. Identify competencies required to do the job
  2. Employees self-assess their competencies
  3. Validation of employee self assessment by manager
  4. System Generated Gap Report
  5. Custom Learning Pathway

Discover the Award Winning Features of Source Atlantic’s Learning Management System

Cloud-Based Access

  • The Learning System that grows with you
  • No equipment costs
  • Access anytime – anywhere
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface


  • On-line Courses by Leading Industry Providers
    Source Atlantic has done the research for you! A fully-vetted and growing catalogue of on-line course offerings perfectly matched to educate, inspire and engage your employees
  • Custom-Built Courses
    Our Internationally recognized course development team and instructional design consultants can create content specifically for your business. Let our team show you how to efficiently and economically develop the content you need to meet your training needs

Collaborative Learning

  • Capture the power of Collaborative Learning with innovative groups and discussion functionality. Share, discuss, connect and find solutions for your business together
  • Embedded Web and Video capabilities allow you to host, meet, share and collaborate with your team face-to-face across time zones, on almost any device!

Skill-Based Job Descriptions

  • The key to educating your team is having a solid understanding of job skills
  • 4000 pre-defined profiles identify the skills your employees need to impact your bottom line
  • Custom-Built job descriptions are tailor-made for your industry

Tracking for Success

  • Monitor and reward your employees growth and development
  • Safety and compliance adherence
  • Change your business’s annual performance reviews to an on-going career-building dialogue

How do employees feel about Corporate Learning?

  • 63% feel its effective
  • 76% believe the company should invest in it
  • 82% feel it’s needed
  • 66% prefer it to self-directed learning

How do Employees Benefit?

  • 34% are more committed to their organization
  • 32% are more purposeful in their work
  • 62% are more effective at their jobs
  • 32% are more connected to the team
  • 44% are more engaged