What We Provide

Train your Company Team to implement and manage a learning management program in your organization.

What We Provide:

  • Training & Education Services;
  • Library of Courses & Competencies
  • Library of Job Profiles;
  • Custom Course Development;
  • Custom Learning Management Development Program
  • Learning Management System;
  • Local Operations;
  • Skilled, Professional, Certified Instructors, Instructional Designers, and Curriculum Writers.


Provide job profiles for everyone. With our catalogue of over 4,000 job profiles and 45,000 competencies we can create and accurate profile of the desired competencies your employees must have for maximum performance.

The Learning Pathways approach. You and your employees engage in a proven process that efficiently does the following: identifies accurate job profiles and key competencies for your employees; assesses gaps in employee experience or knowledge, validates the employee’s assessment; produces an employee learning plan, compiles a learning catalogue for your organization, maps gaps to learning resources in your learning catalogue, facilitates training where required.

Provide content for everyone. With more than 400 unique titles, we offer a full range of online content to train machine operators, oil and gas technicians, welders, assemblers, inspectors, and maintenance professionals; and more! In addition, our network of professional subject matter experts is available to deliver world class training at your work site or in our state-of-the-art training facility.

Document your results. Our Learning Management System (LMS) offers powerful reporting tools that track progress and document the results of your training initiative.

Tie learning to hands-on tasks. Our competency models provide industry-specific training that mirror common industry jobs and tie online and classroom based learning to hands-on tasks and responsibilities.

Ensure your program’s success. With on-site consultation services and live/phone/web support, we help you kick off your training initiative and maintain its success throughout the process.