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Source Atlantic is your Slingmax® Rigging Solutions dealer and can help you make the right choice for protecting your rigging. Our 100 foot test bed is the largest in Atlantic Canada with testing capabilities to 1,063,000 lbs.

Check-Fast® High Performance Roundslings

follow site US Patent #7,661,737 | CA Patent #7,661,737 | EP Patent #1,899,255 This is the only singe-path, high performance fibre roundsling with an overload indicator. The Covermax® cover is the most durable available for a synthetic sling. Also available in polyester.

Check-Fast® Inspection System

How To Get Cytotec Prescription in Gainesville Florida US Patent #7,661,737 | CA Patent #7,661,737 | EP Patent #1,899,255

click here Source Atlantic's Slingmax Check-Fast Inspection System

  • The Check-Fast® System is designed to improve job-site safety
  • The Fast® Tag and External Warning Indicator (EWI) on a roundsling product provides for a pass/fail inspection on the internal load bearing core yarn.
  • The sling inspector now has a GO/NO-GO inspection device rather than relying on a subjective hand-over-hand inspection to make an educated guess if the load bearing core yarns are in good condition.
  • This safety system is available for High Performance K-Spec® Fibre roundslings or polyester roundslings fabricated by authorized SLINGMAX® Dealers

Twin-Path® Extra Sling with Covermax® (TPXC) and
K-Spec Core® Yarn (Check-Fast® Inspection optional)

source link Source Atlantic's Slingmax Twin-Path Extra Sling & K-Spec Core

  • World’s first truly ergonomic sling with Covermax® covers for superior abrasion resistance
  • Made up to 600 tons vertical rated capacity (Larger capacity available on special order)
  • Overload indicators, inner red cover
  • Used worldwide in place of wire rope slings for heavy lifts
  • Only approximately 10% of weight of steel sling
  • Covers are repairable
  • Twin-Path® & Single-Path® patented design provides the rigger with two connections between the hook and load redundant back-up protection
  • Less than 1% stretch at rated capacity
  • #1 choice where ergonomics, productivity and safety are important
  • Lightest and strongest sling on the market
  • Longest lasting load bearing core yarn K-Spec®, backed by independent testing Source Atlantic's Slingmax BrochureCheck Out Our
Slingmax® Review

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