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Case Study
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The Shaw Group is a leading natural resource manufacturer and community developer, located in Eastern Canada, focusing heavily on construction industry products. Competing in a variety of market sectors The Shaw Group welcomes innovative opportunities that will give them the leading edge among competitors.

The Challenge

As a progressive company, The Shaw Group welcomes new business ideas. Shaw came to Source Atlantic looking for a technology Solution that would reduce suppliers, improve their inventory re-order accuracy while keeping the bulk of their inventory management with their storeroom attendant. Shaw was tracking inventory manually using spreadsheets and, in many cases, replenishing inventory by visually identifying low or depleted stock levels. This process became lengthy and cumbersome as the amount of SKUs increased.

The Shaw Group AppThe Solution

Source Atlantic introduced The Shaw Group to the Source Atlantic iPhone App, an order entry tool that eliminates the need to manually re-order inventory. The App only requires a few steps to enter the purchase order:

  1. A Shaw employee logs in to the App with their Ship-To ID
  2. Scan the Source Atlantic barcode with the iPhone camera
  3. Enter the re-order quantity
  4. Confirm the purchase order to Source Atlantic

A confirmation email is then sent to confirm the ordered items.

The Result


The Source Atlantic iPhone App immediately helped The Shaw Group’s employees reduce the time spent manually recording, transferring and emailing purchase orders as well as re-working manual entry errors. The Shaw Group reduced the value of their on-hand inventory and optimized delivery time by using the Source Atlantic iPhone App to automatically transmit orders to the nearby Source Atlantic branch.

The Source Atlantic iPhone App has improved the efficiency and accuracy of The Shaw Group’s ordering processes. As a result of this success, Shaw plans to use the technology in other process site locations across their company.

Could your company capitalize on a more efficient inventory management system with an easy-to-use iPhone re-order system? Contact your Account Manager today to discuss or arrange a consultation with our Solutions Team.