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Case Study
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Lake Utopia Paper, located in Utopia, New Brunswick, has been delivering world class quality and service for over 35 years. Responsible for the production of packaging materials, for some of the world’s favorite brands of food products and other consumer items, Lake Utopia Paper supplies customers in Canada, the U.S. and Latin America.

The Problem

Delivering world class quality and service, in 182,000 tonnes of corrugating medium, for the global market every year has been taking a toll on Lake Utopia Paper’s extraction pump system. The mass production of pulp slurry that runs through the extraction pump has caused cavitation to take place. The cavitation is continuously removing metal from the substrate, causing premature wear on the pump. The wear on the pump is costing approximately thirty-five hundred dollars in repair maintenance every year and a half to two years.

The Solution

Source Atlantic introduced Lake Utopia Paper to Blue Seal, which is the most advanced corrosion coating available in the market today. Blue Seal consist of a tight molecular bond that ensures corrosion protection from cavitation. It can easily take double salinity at boiling temperatures with no vapor transmission. Coating Lake Utopia’s extraction pump with this durable, long-lasting coating system would decrease the maintenance and operational cost of running the pump. The glass filled epoxy-vinyl-ester coating would also repair the loss of the metal from the substrate that has already taken place due to cavitation and minimize any future loss.

The Result

Seven months after coating the extraction pump with Source Atlantic’s Blue Seal product, the loss of metal from the substrate due to cavitation has been eliminated. The extraction pump is in good condition showing hardly any wear on the Blue Seal coating. The successful implementation of the Blue Seal coating on Lake Utopia Paper’s extraction pump will reduce the maintenance and replacement cost of extraction pump system.

Lake Utopia Before & After

It is expected that the life span of the extraction pump has been extended due to Source Atlantic’s Blue Seal coating. The pump should now be able to sustain or exceed five years of service. As well the pump will need minimal down time for service repairs as well, due to its new durable long lasting coat of Blue Seal.

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